Born into a family of restauranteurs, where fitness never came first, it was all about the sauce & the cheese. I too am learning to evolve with the times. Restaurants have now adopted the trend of incorporating healthier menu option choice alternatives due to their customer demand. Whole wheat, gluten free, zucchini linguini & cauliflower pizza crust have become incredibly popular and almost a must on any Italian restaurant menu.

If cauliflower can become pizza, you my friend can do anything!

With vegan restaurants on the rise and Instagram food bloggers giant oozing burgers & famous cheese pulls at our fingertips we are all torn between eating with our eyes or eating clean!

What is clean eating?

It’s about eating the best and healthiest options vs. the not so healthy ones. Embrace whole food like fruits, vegetables & whole grains plus protein packed foods such as legumes & fresh fish!

My GO-TO’S For Modifying Your Menu While Dining Out!

1 - Drink water before & during your meal
2 - Pass on sugary beverages
3 - Get a salad as an appetizer dressing on side
4 - Never order a cream based soup or sauce
5 - If prepared with butter, ask to substitute with oil or grill
6 - Eat fish, live longer
7 - Sides, sides, sides even as your main course (yum, my favorite) mushrooms, asparagus, spinach, rice, beans, sweet potato’s
8 - Light cheese please
9 - Fried foods are always a NO NO
10 - Berries or sorbet for dessert

Coming Soon!

Looking forward to sharing some famous recipes from our famous kitchen to yours!


My favorite fruit!
Avocados on everything
High in “good fat “ great source of protein & aid in digestion!
Great for pregnant women and possible cancer fighting component!

Bananas are better then Botox!

Also known as the “fruit of the wiseman”
This heart healthy fruit can Lower blood pressure, great source of potassium & an anti inflammatory.
Eat for a nutritious snack or apply to your face to tighten the skin.

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